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Musical Collage 2020

You're invited to Power for Parkinson's signature fundraising event: The Musical Collage

We are a non-profit organization that provides multiple free exercise, dance, and singing classes in Austin and the surrounding communities as well as globally through our free home YouTube video series. While there are medications to help control the symptoms, exercise is essential to managing Parkinson’s disease!


Research continues to show the benefits of multiple forms of exercise and Power for Parkinson’s® evidence-based program offers a wide range of Parkinson's symptom-focused classes for the central Texas Parkinson’s community and beyond.


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Take a look at the many ways Power for Parkinson's® is helping others succeed not just locally but also internationally. Our free home video series is a true testament to the immense impact our activities have on individuals across the globe. We dream of a world where every Parkinson's patient has the help and support they need. We're doing our bit to scale the program beyond the physical boundaries of geography.


In alignment with our mission to improve the well being of people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, our fitness program has been developed using the most current research available regarding Parkinson's and exercise physiology.

Parkinson's is a complex neurodegenerative disease that affects people differently. While categories have been established according to the Hoehn and Yahr scale based upon presence and severity, we understand that these physical symptoms are fluid among people with Parkinson's and that some days are better than others with regard to those symptoms.

As such our fitness program is based on these categories with the idea and understanding that modifications will need to be made based on each persons physical abilities that day.

Our instructors' first priority is the safety and health of each person participating in our programs. We will always offer variations to exercises to create and maintain an environment that is comfortable and encouraging for everyone. This will allow a broader spectrum of people to participate, and ensure each person receives the appropriate level and intensity of exercise to improve their physical capabilities, while staying involved with the group as a whole.


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