Shifting to a virtual world

Updated: May 24, 2020

by Nina Mosier M.D., Director and Co-Founder

Shifting to a virtual world has been a challenge in so many ways for Power for Parkinson’s. For me personally it’s kept me busy during these unprecedented times. For the organization, we have been fortunate that we already had a virtual presence and have engaged many through our YouTube channel but without our live, in-person classes, we have to work even harder to achieve our mission.

Our overall goal has always been to respond to the evidence that exercise is essential in managing Parkinson’s symptoms. It’s prescribed by movement disorder specialists as if it’s another drug alongside your regular PD meds. For over 7 years we have grown to offer 13 free classes in Central Texas at 9 locations, bringing together people with PD and their care partners each week to exercise, dance and sing. In each of our classes our instructors teach Parkinson’s symptom directed exercises and as a result we routinely observe our participants feeling stronger, more balanced, speaking louder, thinking clearer and feeling more positive about their well-being. I believe the last element is a reflection of both our fun energetic exercise classes as well as the tight knit community that’s formed as a result of socializing in classes.

Although I know so many of you are dedicated to joining us on line regularly, signing in on the chat and trying your best to stay connected, I know we all really miss being together. With that being said, the PFP staff is exploring new ways to help us all stay in touch and hoping to also include our global community. These days the internet is the key for us to connect and we’re hoping we can help some of you who are fearful of the technology to step out of your comfort zone so you don’t miss out. We are going to work on connecting us by Zoom video calls, sending you tutorials or talking by phone to get you up to speed.

The emails, letters, comments and calls we’ve received about our live streaming has meant the world to our staff and instructors motivating us to offer fresh challenging content week after week to help you manage your PD. A new live stream participant recently wrote us the following:

“Thank you so much for your videos! I am amazed at the way you continue to challenge me with new moves and brain exercises. On days I can’t go outside for a walk I always do your sessions, and have noticed a huge improvement in my balance and strength. You rock!! Thank you!”

We don’t know how long the quarantine will last but we don’t plan to sit idle and we hope you won’t either. We are here for you and pledge to help you stay active and have some fun along the way. Please join us for classes on YouTube Monday-Saturday at 1 pm CDT and for the YOPD crowd give our Circuit Training class a try on Saturdays at 11:30 am CDT. I look forward to seeing each other virtually soon!

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