PFP Instructor Nadine's Quarantine Diary!

Day 11, we're almost there!! In just a few short days we will be free to start our Australian adventure, I can't wait!! Quarantine with a toddler has been an interesting experience to say the least; from the moment we flew into the Air Force base in Darwin it was like entering a whole new world. People met us on the tarmac in full PPE and herded us into a series of rooms where we underwent health checks and Covid testing (the first of many over the 14 days, our poor noses!!) and orientation about what the next few weeks would look like. Then we were bused to Howard Springs, an old miners camp that has been converted into our quarantine facility.

Military escorted us through the camp to our rooms and I thought that would be the last we would see of these rather intimidating figures. However, they have continued to patrol on a regular basis each day to make sure we are wearing our masks and that we don't stray off our verandahs. If we break these rules it's a $5000 on the spot fine!! I have become very stealthy at retrieving Jude's ball when he throws it off the verandah these last 11 days!!

It didn't take long for us to settle into our new home: two small rooms and a nice little outdoor area where we have our alfresco meals each day and spend hours playing with water in buckets, rocks, leaves, dirt and anything else I can gather to keep the little guy interested. The highlight of our time here would definitely be the walks to the laundry, which we are allowed to do every second day. It is only about 100m away but I make sure to strap Jude into his pram and make that 100m as fun-filled as I possibly can with lots of talking to birds and looking at trees!! 5:30pm also brings a stir of excitement through the camp when our food is delivered by some staff whizzing around in a golf buggy - a hot dinner for the evening and then the following day's brekkie and lunch.

When Jude is napping, my Aussie neighbours and I whittle away our hours here in quarantine with group yoga classes, putting on impromptu concerts for each other and daydreaming about all that we plan to do with our time in Australia. It has been an experience like no other but one that means I will be reunited with my friends and family and beloved Melbourne in just a few short days. It can't come soon enough!! I miss my PFP family though and am looking forward to relaxing and reseting with you all again very soon!!

-- Nadine xo

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