Learn from Cooper

by Polly Caprio

This is Cooper’s 2020 bluebonnet photo. Cooper is smiling in the photo because Mark, my husband, held a treat above my head while I crouched down to take the photo. Cooper is not afraid of the coronavirus.  His biggest fear in life is that his mommy (that would be me) might forget to feed him.

As a result, he keeps an eye on the clock and is proactive in reminding me when it is ‘time’ for him to eat.  Starting around 3:30pm every day he starts to follow me around the house and stares at me.   It works every time.  After I feed him he and I continue on with our day.

I suppose we can learn from our four legged friends.  They live with simplicity and trust. And love. They are proactive when necessary, just like us, as we self-isolate and sanitize door knobs and wash our hands over and over again.  

We can be proactive with our exercise as well.  We know that exercise is good for Parkinson’s and we know it is good for our immune systems.  So if you find yourself (like me), opening the refrigerator for the tenth time in five minutes, ‘just to see what’s in there’, maybe stop and turn on a Power for Parkinson’s video instead and exercise along with it.  Feel the connection and love.  Let’s control what we can and then beyond that, trust.

From my heart to yours,


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