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Inspired by the fathers of co-founders Susan Stahl & Nina Mosier, Power for Parkinson's began serving the Parkinson's community in Austin, Texas six years ago! Over the past six years, the program has served hundreds of people with Parkinson's and their care partners. We now offer 13 completely free weekly classes in 9 locations included our newest offering, a Young Onset Parkinson's Circuit Training class. The program also serves the global Parkinson's community through free home exercise videos available on our YouTube channel.

Why exercise, you ask? Research has continually proven that exercise is one of the very best ways for people with Parkinson's to manage their symptoms! Our program was built around this mounting evidence and we have the pleasure of seeing the evidence in action through our participants each week. This excerpt from a 2017 article in the New York Times sums it up well: "In a report on their work in Physical Therapy, the Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association, Dr. [Laurie A] King and Dr. [Fay B] Horak [of Oregon Health and Sciences University] explained that intense exercise can improve “plasticity” of the brain, protect against nervous system degeneration, and even reverse motor deficits."

In this blog, we hope to share both firsthand accounts of the experience of living with Parkinson's as well as articles to help you understand the science and ideas behind what we are doing here at Power for Parkinson's. We hope you will follow along!

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