A friendly message to our PFP community...

Hello, friends! I am technically still on maternity leave, but if you have been tuning in to the live exercise classes on YouTube, you may have seen me lurking in the chat section. I've also begun leading a weekly vocal exercise & singing class on Wednesdays at 1pm on our Power for Parkinson's YouTube page. Why? Because I miss you all!! I never could have imagined when I went on maternity leave that we would be separated even past my expected return at the beginning of May, but here we are.

I find it ironic that part of Power for Parkinson's specific mission is working to combat isolation, and now we find ourselves not only thrust into but encouraging just that. How fortunate that we live in a digital age where technology allows us to connect in new ways! I know that technology can be intimidating, but I encourage you to do everything you can to figure out how to log on and join the live YouTube classes. Having a scheduled time to exercise is a great way to keep up a routine, and seeing familiar faces (our instructors) and names (in the chat box) can provide some joy and comfort during this unfamiliar time.

Another thing that can be comforting is using the time to do hands-on tasks that you don't generally find time for. For me, that's baking! While hunkering down at home, I realized that my available ingredient list was short. These no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies were perfect for what I had on hand. Thanks to Google, I was even able to substitute oil for butter since I had run out! Another fun idea? Visit www.supercook.com, enter the ingredients you have, and the website will suggest recipes you can make with what you already have!

Whether or not you're getting in workouts or rediscovering old hobbies, the most important thing you can do is to be gentle with yourself during this uncertain and unprecedented time. This too shall pass, and we will soon be able to hug each other again. Until then, please be well and keep in touch with us and with each other!



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